Restore Romania


Hello and welcome or as they say in Romania, “Bună ziua și bun venit.”

Restore Romania exists to provide support to local pastors in Romania as they work to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The vision of Restore Romania is to not only to support pastors, but also other people and events that will help pastors in their ministries.

In addition to the pastors Restore Romania supports, we are currently sending church members of all ages to conferences that will encourage and train them for the future.

Restore Romania also hopes to provide financial assistance to young men and women in the form of scholarships to help them prepare to lead both men’s and women’s ministries.

Members of the board of directors travel often to Romania to identify pastors who need support. We spend time with them in their ministries and get to know them very well. Restore Romania only supports those we have direct and continuing contact with.

This support is intended to help build healthy, mission minded churches that plant new healthy churches across all Romania and beyond.