Restore Romania

Emanuel Moisa

Arad, Romania

Emi pastors two churches near Arad in western Romania. One in the village of Seleus, the other in Iermata. He is married to Marce and has a daughter named Ana. Emi is among the most productive men of God working in Romania today. He is active in planning youth camps and training the next generation of Believers. Emi also is on the BIG Impact team and is active in planning and teaching in their many conferences. All this and much more while pastoring two churches. Mission work is a passion for Emi, with mission points in Oltenia and Baia Mare. It was Emi’s and his good friend Sandu Dobrei’s zeal for missions that inspired the creation of Restore Romania.

Please pray for Emi and his family to have the strength to finish the good work they have begun.